Our Story

I get asked all the time.....

"What made you transform your auto repair shop into a bar & restaurant."
Well, it wasn't by design or a lifelong dream. It came about through circumstance, determination & creativity.
The Circumstance: My husband was in a motorcycle accident on his way into work one morning. His injuries were extensive requiring a yearlong recovery. This forced us to make the hard choice to close our business J&L Auto Repair after 25 years in business. We had no one to run the shop and we new all our focus needed to be on his recovery.

The Determination: We have always loved being small business owners and were determined to stay in the North Buffalo Community. We grew up in this neighborhood. Went to school here, got married here and started on family right here on Hertel Avenue. North Buffalo has always been home to us.

The Creativity: Throughout my husband's recovery the idea for The Garage Bar & Restaurant was born. Family has always been the most important part of our lives. We knew we wanted to create a place where friends gathered to eat, drink and make memories. It had to include Family, Friendships, memories, music...that's what life is about and good food of course. So, we brought in local live bands and focused our menu on the kind of food our Italian grandmothers and mothers made for us. Fresh, homemade, plentiful and delicious!

Each part of the Garage is hand built by us. When I say us, I mean Joe & I, our family & friends. This was a huge project and we could never have completed it without them. We took great care to create an interesting place that represented us. From our characters in our logo, the hand painted murals that cover our walls, The pendant lighting Joe made from 1926 oil bottles to the backyard patio we loving refer to as "The Wrecking Yard" because it was where we housed 30+ parts cars for the auto repair shop.

Joe & I invite you to stop by and check us out. Have a bite to eat, a cold draft, a Three Chord Bourbon Cocktail and listen to some music. Sit in the Wrecking yard or on the front patio or my favorite spot our window bar and relax for a while.

See you all soon,
Lisa & Joe

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